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DNX Ventures

3D (Unreal) Technical Artist



Posted on Wednesday, April 27, 2022
We enable advertisers’ performance campaigns with timely, powerful ad creatives that deliver Creative ROI™. Our global network of creative centers of excellence specializes in high technology creative production, such as CGI. We are known for world-class ideation and creative production through our network of talented creative hubs as human creativity cannot be supplanted by machines. Some of the world’s largest online advertisers work with us to improve their campaigns leveraging performance design.
We are looking for Unreal Technical Artists to join the growing team in Ukraine. Ukraine is our global technical base. Your role will be to help create visually stunning real-time content. The UE Tech artists will work closely with animators, vfx artists, modellers, mocap team, fully developed environments and optimized real-time rendering setup to create 3D video advertisements.
We have a global CGI team, which you will be a key member of. You can help build a great team with an international work culture.

About the Role

  • Develop Unreal scenes using in-house and third party digital assets
  • Create blueprints and install plugins to combine various real-time technologies within UE
  • Import character animation assets from standard packages such as Maya and Motionbuilder
  • Leverage performance capture technologies such as Motion Capture, Facial Capture and camera compositing
  • Optimize UE scenes for latest and greatest GPU, CPU and cloud rendering technologies
  • Creation and implementation of AI for crowd simulation that can be triggered in the timeline e.g. a guy is running and a horde of zombies is following him
  • Material settings to solve the foliage hard shadows when ray tracing is on. Subsurface or translucency should be the same whether ray tracing is on or off.
  • Implementation and application of Niagara hair and fur
  • Creation and implementation of tools that can be triggered in the timeline - physics and chaos destruction and ragdoll
  • Creation and implementation of a tool to create animation layers or blending animations by designating specific part of animation A and animation B to the character
  • Creating clothing simulation that can be baked so we can scrub back and forth
  • Creating key-framable spline path in sequencer

About You

  • Experience with raytracing rendering technology
  • Familiarity with coding in C++, Python
  • 2+ years experience in Unreal Engine or Unity building games or VR experiences
  • Expertise in UE engine feature sets such as decision tree, collisions, apex, baked lighting, surfacing, animation, sequencer
  • Ability to clearly and effectively communicate design processes, ideas, and choices to our team as well as internal and external clients.
  • An aptitude for collaboration with an array of artistic and technical talents
  • Independent contributor mindset with minimal need for directions
Creadit’s team is comprised of data-driven innovators and disrupters. We think creatively, work efficiently, and contribute consistently. Creadits values an All-In Culture. We are initiative, adaptable, resilient, and committed. Our culture emphasizes collaboration across different departments and functions and are all passionate about our work and our product.