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AgVend is a digital e-commerce agricultural marketplace enabling farmers to purchase crop production inputs and services online. The marketplace helps farmers search for products, filter results based on price, delivery, and bundled services, and select the option that best fits their needs. Partner retailers can market their solutions, support their customers, and sell their inputs and services online while maintaining complete control and visibility over the customer experience. In 2017, Alexander Reichert and Eli Rosenberg headquartered the agricultural company in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Airhouse is an end-to-end fulfillment solution for ecommerce companies. With a software platform that automates the heavy lifting of getting products in the hands of customers, Airhouse lets entrepreneurs focus on what they’re best at. Onboarding takes minutes and there’s no need for a team with operational or engineering expertise. Through a synced Shopify account, Airhouse’s software evaluates store data to create a holistic view of the business and where its customers are. Brands are then matched with warehouses in Airhouse’s partner network that make the most sense for the business, with their inventory shipped to the partner facility as fast as the same day. Airhouse then creates a custom technical configuration for each business tailored directly to their needs and growth strategy. From there, as new orders come in, the entire fulfillment process—from factory to front door—is efficiently and affordably managed by Airhouse. From a single dashboard, brands have complete visibility on inventory, so they know what products are where and which are running low in real time. It’s like having an all-in-one, cloud-based warehouse that maintains itself—an Airhouse.
ALICE Technologies is the developer of an AI-powered construction simulation platform. It leverages artificial intelligence to analyze a project's complex building requirements, generate efficient building schedules, and tune those schedules as needed during construction. The company's platform enables contractors and owners to plan, bid, and build more effectively, reducing construction times and labor costs by $30 million for a typical $500 million construction project. ALICE Technologies works with construction leaders in the infrastructure and commercial construction segments, such as Parsons, HDCC, and Kajima Corporation.
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Appdome protects the people and businesses who rely on mobile apps. The Appdome product is the industry’s first no-code mobile app security and fraud prevention platform that enables anyone to build mobile app security features into any iOS or Android app instantly without coding. Leading financial, healthcare, government and e-commerce providers use Appdome to deliver rich mobile experiences, eliminating development complexity and accelerating mobile app lifecycles.
Arbor is a data science platform. We utilize proprietary environmental and societal datasets to empower companies with the ability to measure, improve, and showcase the sustainability of their products, through custom tools and visualizations. Arbor informs consumers of the environmental impacts of their purchasing habits and influencing consumers towards more sustainable product choices. Arbor also helps brands improve the sustainability of their manufacturing and supply chain processes to meet today's market demands.
Banzai’s mission is to support educational experiences that enable millions of professionals — to learn, grow, and connect. Banzai is a leading enterprise SaaS provider of marketing automation solutions for experiential marketing through webinars and events. Banzai is used by companies like Nextiva, Red Hat, and Egnyte. Banzai’s marketing automation solution helps marketers have more successful webinars and events by growing their audience and creating more engaging experiences.
Bright Security is an AI-powered application security testing platform with a scanner to detect vulnerabilities
Our autonomous robot platform is designed to transport goods over short distances and in local neighborhoods. We use advanced AI to power our robots, making them the safest and most reliable in the market today.
CAST AI is a cloud optimization platform that reduces cloud costs, optimizes DevOps, and automates disaster recovery. CAST AI intelligent optimization engine delivers a cost-efficient, high-performing, and resilient infrastructure for every Kubernetes workload. Cloud Cost optimization CAST AI brings resource and cost optimization to Kubernetes using an AI-driven optimization engine that applies cluster changes based on real-time workload conditions. It selects the most cost-effective instance types and bin-packs pods for maximum utilization. The platform uses spot instances that offer 70 to 90% discounts and are automatically selected for any stateless workloads. CAST AI also sets pod scaling parameters to achieve optimal application performance while maximizing cost savings. Moreover, users get detailed cost reports to enable forecasting expenses at the level of project, cluster, namespace, and deployment - down to individual microservices. Infrastructure abstraction that makes DevOps 10x more productive CAST AI provides an opinionated Kubernetes implementation that hides the infrastructure complexities with automation. So DevOps engineers no longer have to deal with IaaS complexity and can finally focus on higher-order cloud-native abstractions and concepts. They can create and manage CAST AI components through API, CLI, and Terraform to automate their infrastructure lifecycle management. CAST AI also provides services for in-cluster observability (logging, tracing, and metrics) and built-in security (encryption at rest and in transit). Foolproof outage prevention with cloud neutrality, multi-cloud and multi-region capabilities CAST AI protects workloads against downtime with a Disaster Avoidance strategy based on cloud neutrality and multi-cloud capabilities. To achieve 100% uptime, CAST AI adopts the active approach to Disaster Recovery by stretching applications and data across multiple clouds so that a cloud failure never becomes a disaster. Underlying all of our technology is a custom multi-cloud networking layer that makes the magic happen.
Cloudbrink was created to solve application access and security challenges through a converged edge platform to enable organizations to focus on business critical functions.
CloudNatix has developed a zero-touch cloud management platform that improves the efficiency of doing business in Cloud environments. The leadership team has a great experience in first inventing and then rolling out Containers across the whole Google fleet, architecting the Borg workload orchestrator inside Google and productionizing Mesospehere's DC/OS for a large number of enterprise customers. The platform uses advanced technologies like Kubernetes to provide a single management pane for all customer's workloads across any Cloud provider. It automatically runs containerized, non-containerized and Kubernetes workloads in an SLA-aware and cost-optimized manner. Customers have deployed CloudNatix's Infrastructure on Autopilot solutions to reduce their Cloud costs by an impressive 20-50%, even after they previously “optimized” for cloud licensing strategies and pricing plans. And they’ve done it without the additional need for highly skilled cloud technical resources.
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Creadits' sole focus is developing ad creatives for performance campaigns. We call this Performance Design.