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DNX Ventures

Project Manager - Partner Onboarding



Canada · United States
Posted on Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Brief of the Role

​We are looking for a Project Manager for Partner Onboarding to join our fast-growing team. In this role you will be responsible for making sure our partners get off on the right foot by managing the platform development process. Your responsibilities will include coordinating with internal teams and the Partner understanding how the Partner’s business operates, and supporting each project milestone to keep all aspects of platform development on track. You will be the nexus point between our go-to-market and product development teams, as well as our partners and third parties to coordinate all onboarding efforts. Your work, planning, and coordination will ensure we deliver upon our partner’s expectations so that the partner’s portal has the exact look, feel, and functionality that the industry has come to expect.

Your Background

​You have a history of meticulous planning, record keeping, and driving results. Your prior project management experience is marked by on-time deliverables, and you have coordinated projects with many moving parts, and intricate details – all of which matter equally. You must have an affinity for asking questions, diving into answers, and solving challenging problems on predetermined timelines.

Qualities We Seek

  • Obsessive about details
    Nothing escapes your eye, no matter how small.

  • Insatiably curious
    You keep asking why, even if you have gotten an answer.

  • Team-oriented
    You seek help when needed, are open to constructive criticism, and have never uttered the words ‘well, that isn’t my job’ in a sentence.

  • Excellent communicator
    You have strong verbal and written communication skills that enable you to influence key stakeholders.

  • Proactive
    You solve tomorrow’s problems today, and are always on the lookout for process improvement.

  • Adaptable
    You enjoy dynamic and fast-growing work environments. You believe no job is too small, and no idea too big.

What we expect of you

You do what you say you will do.

  • Project Management – Onboarding
    Work with internal teams, partners and relevant third parties to deliver an efficient and effective platform development experience. This will include defining integration requirements, supporting the resolution of all integration challenges, and ensuring that all stakeholders in the onboarding process are kept informed and held accountable to agreed upon expectations to meet and exceed partner expectations.

  • Coordinate cross functionally
    Work cross functionally between engineering, digital solutions team, and partnership managers to ensure communications and expectations involving integration timelines, capabilities, and data accuracy are clear and accurate.

  • Be Ready for Anything
    AgVend offers an opportunity rich environment where you can wear multiple hats. The ideal person for this role is adaptable and can work with a degree of ambiguity, thinks fast on their feet, and is comfortable with responsibilities evolving beyond this description.

What you can expect of us

We do what we say we will do.

  • People first
    We will seek to maximize your personal growth and long-term career success during your time with AgVend and beyond. We value our employees’ lives and aspirations outside of the company.

  • Ownership and autonomy
    You will have the power to realize opportunities, drive change, and delight customers.

  • Clear expectations
    Performance goals are set quarterly and are rooted in our company values and objectives.

  • Competitive salary
    We know money isn’t everything, but you will be properly compensated for your work.

  • Company ownership
    You are fundamental to the success of AgVend and thus you will receive stock options in the company.

  • Travel
    We strongly believe that there is no replacement for a firm handshake, so you will be expected to meet with our partners on a regular basis. We will compensate for all travel expenses.

  • Health insurance
    We want you and your family happy and healthy, so we have industry-leading health coverage for all of our employees.

Ready for your next challenge?

Send us a note with your interests and background to [email protected] and we will be in touch!